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Buy Our Merch!

These adorable engineering stickers are available for purchase on Redbubble!

(Click the stickers to visit their Redbubble pages)


Grinning Gear

Mechanical Engineering

Buy this cute sticker to show your interest in mechanical engineering and your support for Engineering4All! 

Tree Hugger

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering.png

Laughing Lightbulb

Electrical Engineering


Cute Computer



Purchasing this potted plant sticker is a perfect way to show your interest in environmental engineering and sustainability! 

This sticker is an easy (and adorable) way to "light up" any surface! Click the image to go to the Redbubble Page!

To show interest in computer engineering and programming, purchase this happy laptop sticker!

Happy Hammers

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering.PNG

This pair of hammers is a great way to "build" a sticker collection as well as show support for civil engineering!

Pair of Beakers

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering.PNG

These beakers are a fun representation of chemical engineering. Show your support for chemistry and chemical engineering by purchasing this sticker!

Hopeful Heart

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering.png

To support Engineering4All and show interest in biomedical engineering, purchase this happy heart sticker!

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