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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our weekly workshops at Almaden, Trace, and Lowell Elementary have been put on pause. Engineering4All,  as a nonprofit dedicated to helping our community, has been actively working to bring easy at home learning projects to students. Our first step was to reach out to and meet with local and state leadership for guidance and support. After meeting with Santa Clara County Supervisor Chavez and Councilmember Peralez, both of whom were excited by our motivation to support our community, we have decided to launch an online learning engineering curriculum. 

Our online curriculum aimed at students in grades 3-5, provides entertaining lectures paired with fun and easy at home projects for a hands-on learning experience. We are creating  several video tutorials covering engineering concepts concentrated in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering disciplines. Accompanying our original online content, we will also provide a bank of online resources for further engineering exploration. We would like to say a special thank you to Supervisor Chavez and Councilmember Chavez for being so gracious and supportive of us during this stressful time. Our videos will be available on youtube, our website, and through local leadership's pages.

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