Hi! I am

Leela Mukherjee


In addition to being the President of Engineering4All, I am also the Mechanical Lead on FRC Team 1967 and an independent science research student at my high school. I chose to start Engineering4All because I love working with kids and I want to share my interest in the Engineering Design process with them. In my free time, I love doing karaoke with my friends.

Hi! I am

Connie Vu


I am a proud member of The Janksters, an all-girls robotics team, in addition to being on the board of Engineering4All. I joined Engineering4All because of the platform it gives me to share my love of STEM to my community. In my free time I enjoy watching movies (X-Men), reading comics (also X-Men), and volunteering at my church.

Hi! I am

Anjani Gadkari


I’m part of FRC Team 1967, The Janksters, and I’m also an officer for our school’s Astrophysics club. In my free time, I like to produce music, draw, or learn more about science. As someone who greatly enjoys STEM, I wanted to be a part of Engineering4All to be able to expose everyone to the field, and gain some of my own experiences from it.

Hi! I am

Ushoshi Basumallick


I’m in robotics and I’m also a part of Harry Potter Club at Notre Dame. I like art and I like to write code. I’m part of Engineering4All because I like STEM and this is a great way for me to volunteer because it’s something I genuinely want to do.

Hi! I am

Jade Lara


I am proud to be in an all girls robotics team 1967 the Janksters. In my free time I like to draw and do photography. I wanted to be apart of Engineering4All because I wanted to improve my speech skills and do what I like, which is working with kids and teaching STEM.

Hi! I am

Nancy Liu


I am a member of FRC team 1967, The Janksters. I love to create art, do graphic design, and study biology and science. I chose to join Engineering4All because I enjoy teaching young kids about STEM.

Hi! I am

Ananya Thapar


I chose to join Engineering4All because I wanted to make a difference in young kids' lives by introducing them to the beautiful world of engineering early on. In addition to being a part of the team at Engineering4All, I am also an active part of my school’s student government and golf team. In my free time, I love to experiment with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to develop passion for photography!

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